Thrust into the Fire is the first book by Brad Gillman and is now available through the Amazon and Kindle links listed below. 40 Days of Breakthrough is the second book by Brad Gillman and is not available through the Amazon and Kindle Links below:








ENDORSEMENTS for Thrust Into the Fire

Christian testimonies are a powerful and effective means of communicating the truth.  I recommend Brad’s story to all believers who have lost their way.  The world, the flesh and the devil will do all they can to keep you from experiencing God’s best for your life.  Brad’s account of how he overcame will encourage you to do so as well. Thrust into the Fire will encourage you as you pray for your loved ones to come to the Lord and or rededicate their lives.  Don't give up praying for them.  They are not out of reach from God.
Joan Hunter
Author, Evangelist
President of Joan Hunter Ministries

In this Book,“ Thrust Into The Fire” Brad tells the story about his journey that unearths ancient Hebrew truth hidden from him, even though he was born and raised Jewish.  God is in the process of restoring Kingdom mentality to the Church. I have had the privilege of becoming Brad’s spiritual father at the same time we both were learning how to be Kingdom fathers and sons. As we helped each other work though father issues God has granted us the revelation of our true identity in Christ. This book gives you insight on how to let the fire of God burn off the old habits, all the while letting God preserve what is useful and needed to navigate this kingdom life that will manifest the sons of God.

Charles L. Coker Jr.

Senior Leader, Identity Church

Deltona. Florida

"Thrust Into The Fire is a brutally honest and transparent revelation of Brad's spiritual journey. Every reader will be inspired by the incredible transformation from a life held captive in darkness and self-destruction to God's amazing grace that brought light, healing, and victory. There is nothing so powerful as the personal testimony of life that was burning in the fire of hell's torments only to be delivered by the wonderful cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit. Thrust Into the Fire is that testimony... He is worthy of all praise!"

Pastor James Wiley
Oak Grove Church
Port St. Joe, FL


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