Alone With God-100 Visits with the Father

New Book by Alex Zanazanian. 







From the beginning, it was about relationship with God. Relationship only develops through relating to each other!  I have had the privilege of knowing Alex for many years now. At times, I have also 'listened' alongside him as he was in dialogue with the Lord.   Always in agreement with the Scriptures and the witness of the Holy Spirit, I have been richly blessed by what the Lord has shared with him during those times. Though the conversations are deeply personal between Alex and Abba Father, I know you will also be encouraged and edified as you read this book. May it ultimately inspire you to 'listen' to the Father's voice and draw you into that deeper place of relationship as well!

Sandy Martin

King's Way Ministries, Director

The Church at King's Way, Pastor

From the 1st day Alex let me read and listen to him read these love letters to and from God I was truly amazed. These letters are truly uplifting, inspirational and they physically move in the Holy Spirit. As l kept reading the pages just turned with ease, and kept me intoxicated with our Father and how much He LOVES us. This is without a doubt one of God's masterpieces destined for a brand-new type of daily devotional.

Way to go Alex, proud of you and His work He has given you!!!

Michael Gahan,

Missionary for God in the Philippines making a global impact.

Alex Zanazanian invites you on an intimate journey into the Throne Room of God where hearts are exposed to His presence and sweet communion takes place with the Father.  Alex chronicles conversations he has with God and God’s responses back to him.  Each devotional reflects God’s love for His people and His desire for a very personal relationship.  You will find the writings profound, deep and thought provoking. Yet, at the same time the reader feels the comfort and joy found in the presence of a loving Heavenly Father.  

In His service and co-laboring to build His Kingdom,

Pastor Beverly Lorenz

I will always cherish the many mornings where I would have the opportunity to hear the intimate words between God and His loyal son Alex over coffee. Although these moments were shared between God and Alex, I always felt as though God was speaking straight to me as Alex would share his journal writings with me. What a blessing it is that Alex's visits with God can now be shared with so many more. May the words on these pages touch the hearts of all who read and draw each and every person closer to Christ. If anyone wonders what God's love looks like, keep reading and you will surely see. Thank you Alex for being His vessel and sharing His love and messages with us.

Candice Beland



This book was written by Alex Zanazanian. All proceeds from purchases of the book go to Alex Zanazanian and not Hearts of Fire Ministries. All donations made on this website go to Hearts of Fire Ministries.